"It is so incredible to consider how much my and my girls' lives have changed from coaching with Meg. I needed to open the locked door to the room where everything I learned abroad could be synthesized into getting exactly what I wanted out of life. And it's happening..!"
RPCV Niger
"If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or just plain scared, this will help you find your footing and your next steps along the path to your goals!"
Amber Koch
"...I had received good career coaching from my university in the past, but this was a completely different level. I'll be starting my job in development next month! Thank you!"
Eileen Enright
"Above and beyond!! Meg was always so willing to help, listen, and give me great advice. Always available whenever. I can tell she is passionate about this work."
"...To be able to talk about certain pathways, even ones I previously never gave a second thought to, was really eye-opening."
Megan K.
Eastern Africa
"I went into this experience expecting to gain some nifty tips and tricks for navigating the job search and application process; what I received was so much more..."
Morgan Gruenewald
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