What to do after Peace Corps Early Termination

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If early termination sounds like the end of your world, check out How Early Termination Will Impact Your Life.

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“What should you do after Peace Corps?” is already a hard question. What happens when you add early termination to the mix? 


If you haven’t already, check out What’s Early Termination from Peace Corps Like?and How Early Termination Will Impact Your Life

ETing is sometimes part of standing up for yourself. Rossana Solares made the decision to take care of herself, even if that meant ETing. This is her story.

“I miss Mozambique, my adventures in Mozambique, my friends…but I don’t miss Peace Corps Mozambique.”

Rossana left her career as a teacher to become an education volunteer in Mozambique Group 27 in August 2016.

Initially, living with another Volunteer provided a sense of security in a strange new place. As time passed, however, Rossana recognized that she has a strong preference for privacy and her own space. 


Rossana sought to balance her time between other Peace Corps Volunteers and the friendships she was forming in-country. Nevertheless, the antagonism within her Peace Corps cohort continued.



Finally, things started to fit together for Rossana.



Afterward, life went back to normal quickly. 



Although it was a challenging experience, her Peace Corps experience remains extremely valuable to her.



Rossana shares her hindsight wisdom with other Volunteers.



We’re Serious.

ET Volunteers need more support. That’s why we’re proud to offer Transition Advising to all Peace Corps affiliates. 

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