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You’ve probably already heard.

As hard as Peace Corps can be, reverse culture shock is worse. It’s hard to imagine now. What’s so tough about plentiful hot water, air conditioning, and a dishwasher? Isn’t coming home the whew-I-did-it moment? Yet the overwhelming majority of returned volunteers agree.  The toughest job they never loved was reintegration into the USA


Why coming home is so hard

Peace Corps is super supportive before and during your service. When service ends, the support mostly ends as well. It can be pretty abrupt and jarring.

You’ve spent 2 years doing without basic services, figuring things out on your own, pushing through adversity, and seeing a lot of powerful stuff firsthand. In the meantime, your friends and family have been earning degrees, getting jobs, buying houses, and having kids. Going home makes it apparent how different you’ve become from your loved ones. It may suddenly feel difficult to connect with the people who knew you so well before.

Maybe the biggest challenge is the loss of self-sufficiency. You coped with the challenges of Peace Corps by focusing on what you could do alone–hauling your own water, growing your own food, and traveling with your own two feet. Suddenly, you find yourself relying on family and looking for work. The luxuries of air conditioners, microwaves, and vacuums are too easy. Without a plan in place, you feel adrift. There’s nowhere to focus your energy. And you’re supposed to be feeling at home?

Get prepared

Peace Corps brings new perspectives and, almost inevitably, a desire for something different out of life back in the USA. But what? You know your skills, priorities, and desires for the next phase of life. But so far putting it all together into a viable career move has been intimidating to say the least. 

Maybe you’ve found yourself aimlessly searching the Internet, sending resumes off into cyberspace, struggling to arrange interviews halfway around the world, and wondering if you should just go back to school

It’s tempting to put off this daunting question. A lot of volunteers plan to go home, take a break, and then start thinking about what they’ll do next. Of course, that makes as much sense as waiting until summer to start thinking about a summer job, or graduation day to start thinking about college. It rarely goes well. 



That’s where we come in


We are proud to be the only organization to offer personal and career transition support to Volunteers all over the world. 

Our certified Adviser is an RPCV who can really understand your experiences and challenges. She’ll give you advice on grad school, travel, work, insurance, and finances. Wherever you are in the world.

Coming home with a focus gives you that same sense of purpose that has driven you forward in your service. You’ll be able to really enjoy your time with family and friends knowing that you’re set up to leverage your new skills and experience in a big, awesome way.  

“This service was so helpful to me. I had received good career coaching from my university in the past, but this was a completely different level. I was talking to someone who really took the time to get to know me personally and professionally and provide advice that was customized to my goals and values. I’ll be starting my job in development next month! Thank you!”  -Eileen, Mozambique

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