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Returned Volunteers & Staff


What should you do next?

From here you can go anywhere.

The same grit that got you through Peace Corps has taken you down life paths that you could never have imagined.

Now you’re ready for another change, but you’re not sure what it is

Do you need a career transition? A relationship change? A new location? A fresh perspective?


Why this is so hard

Peace Corps folk are by nature jacks of all trades. You can learn to be successful at almost anything. The flip side of that unique ability is that you can accomplish a lot without ever actually discovering your passions and desires.

In the long run, this can lead to burnout, restlessness, and feeling unfulfilled or in a funk.

Maybe you’ve been searching the Internet, sending resumes off into cyberspace, and wondering if you should go back to school. But nothing feels like the golden ticket. 

There’s another way

It’s tempting to equate motivation or success with the final results In fact, if you don’t enjoy the stuff between here and there, you’re neither motivated nor successful. You’re just miserable.

Transition Advising helps plan out a purposeful change that prioritizes the things you enjoy most in life. You’ll move forward with a new sense of purpose,  a clear vision of where you’re going, and the confidence to enjoy the process.



That’s where we come in


We are proud to be the only organization to offer transition coaching to Peace Corps affiliates all over the world. 

Our Coach is an RPCV and certified Life and Academic Coach who has worked in government, academia, private industry, and entrepreneurship. So no matter how long you’ve been out of Peace Corps, she can really understand your experiences and challenges. 

“I started my sessions in August 2018 with Meg.  It is now October 2018. In that time, I’ve applied and been short-listed for a better fitting position paying 50% more, started back with a regular study schedule for my CFP, taken back my lunch hours (no work allowed!), started making time for self care and fun, and started writing original music and singing for the first time in 10 years. So I cannot thank Meg enough. Her unique combination of heart, intelligence, gentle approach, and no-fear curious questioning is her secret recipe. She is a gifted professional and super useful resource for getting back on track! I can be proud of what I am showing my young daughters about overcoming professional and educational challenges. Blessings to you!!!”  -Ginger, RPCV Niger

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