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Meg Mayzelle

Our dedicated Peace Corps Transition Coach is amazing! Meg is a first-generation college grad from West Virginia.  She served in Paraguay 2007-2010 as a beekeeping/agriculture volunteer and extended her service to complete an urban project. Then Meg ventured to California to earn an M.S. in International Development. She’s also a certified Academic and Life Coach.

Meg has worked in government, NGOs, private industry, public schools, universities, and entrepreneurship, both domestically and abroad. If you’re considering it, Meg has probably done it!

Meg adores coaching. She’s great at putting herself in your shoes, and her intuition is spot-on. 

“Meg was very professional and engaging. She was very easy to talk to about the problems I was encountering reaching the end of my service and not knowing what next step I wanted to take. I was never intimidated or felt uncomfortable during our talks, even when she asked some really thought-provoking questions.” -Megan, Tanzania