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We are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and we love Peace Corps. From firsthand experience, we know that leaving is the toughest part of service. That’s why we offer transition coaching to all Peace Corps affiliates at absolutely no cost.

These days even volunteers in the most remote places are online. That’s why we use super-secure technology so you stay in touch anywhere, anytime, and even on the go. Let us know what works best for you.

“I’d been incredibly nervous facing my upcoming Close of Service. Meg has given me tools to refine my goals and narrow in on next steps, and she’s on-hand to help polish anything I need. If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or just plain scared, Meg will help you find your footing and your next steps along the path to your goals! ” -RPCV Amber Koch

“It was so great to talk to a returned volunteer that has COSed and found her way. As a current volunteer I struggle with the ‘whats next’ and it was incredible to talk to Meg and be frank about my feelings knowing that she gets it. She really knew how to give me great relevant advice that is setting me up for success down the road.” -PCV Fiji

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